Prior to my treatment session with Carla I had only 1 other Reiki treatment. I didn’t expect Carla’s Reiki treatment to impact me as much emotionally as it did. She provided feedback on how the session went (something that I had not experienced previously) and that allowed for the treatment session to resonate with me. I was able to take more away from the session because Carla took the time to explain what she felt during the treatment session.

Weeks later, I’m still feeling the positive benefits from the treatment session. It is much easier now for me to meditate and I also have an increased level of awareness. I’m much more sensitive now to negative energy that people give off and have made positive adjustments in my life to limit the amount of negativity that is projected on me.

The treatment session also reminded me that I need to care for myself and keep myself healthy otherwise I won’t be able to help the ones that I love. During crisis times, it’s so easy to dismiss taking care of yourself as a top priority. My treatment with Carla woke me up from the fog I’d been living in since my Mother passed away and allowed for me to open my mind, heart and soul to the world. It made me focus on myself and healing my wounds which is exactly what I needed at that moment.

I cannot thank you enough!!


Today I had one of the most profound spiritual healings – my first reiki treatment.

Carla is an amazing healer. Her energy is so fantastic. I was comfortable and confident that I was in good hands throughout the session.

She began laying her hands on my head, body and neck…I learned during our debrief later that my throat and heart were in need of some love. While she was working on my throat she did a huffing breath to clear the chakra, and I could feel all the sudden tears begin to well up; followed by sobbing and then a full body crying. This was the most powerful part of the healing for me.

Clearly it was a big purge, a big release. Carla kept me in the moment, guiding me through it all.  Encouraging me to trust it and that is was OK. I felt incredibly safe, protected and supported, and I trusted her. I have no doubt that her energy helped me to feel open and safe to release. She was calm and healing.

I also really appreciated the debrief after the treatment where she guided me toward additional insights, and gave me tips on following up with the session to allow me to fully participate in my own healing process.

Carla is truly a healer and I feel quite blessed.  Now the work is up to me – to speak the truth.  Speak my truth.

With a more open heart and voice,


My session was Carla was my first session with a Reiki Master. Carla was intuitive, open and knowledgeable creating a welcoming and calming environment. The session was a powerful emotional, sensory and spiritual experience.  It provided the opportunity for me to explore and affirm area that require healing and begin that process with renewed focus. Carla was a great guide through this introduction.  I left with such a profound feeling of balance.


As someone who had almost no experience with reiki, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed and was impacted by my session with Carla. I was able to both uncover and experience ‘stuck’ feelings in a safe and healing way. I felt comforted by Carla’s presence which made it easy to be open to the treatment.



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